• Kiss Me! 5 Looks, 1 Lipstick!

    It’s Valentine’s Day and we want to spoil you! Our makeup guru, Janet, has come up with five sensational looks to make your lips look sizzling hot! We have something for everyone, from the natural girl to the Hollywood starlet. Here’s…

    …one red lipstick worn 5 DIFFERENT ways!

    The key to any lip application is a nicely prepared pucker. By using a manual exfoliator and a moisturizer, you not only keep your lips looking kissably smooth, but soft and supple as well.

    To begin, we like to give the lips a gentle exfoliation with our Pure and Simple Sensitive Skin Exfoliant and Mask. Massage gently on the lips and around the lip line in a circular motion, and then remove with a warm compress.

    For a deeper treatment, apply the Rejuvenating Rosehip Face Mask over the lip & lip line and leave for 7-10 minutes. Remove with a warm compress and finish with a little Nourishing Vanilla Pomegranate Lip Oil.

    This little routine will leave your lips nourished, plump, sexy and ready for colour.

    Materials (pictured)

    Jane Iredale Margi Lipstick
    Jane Iredale Red Currant Lip Gloss
    Jane Iredale Crimson Lip Liner
    Pure + simple Nourishing Vanilla Pomegranate Lip Oil

    1. Moist & Subtle

    Apply pomegranate lip oil generously to the lips. Dab a little of Jane Iredale’s Margi Lipstick and blend gently with a lip brush or your finger.

    2. Stained

    Dab your lipstick colour sparingly onto lips directly from tube or with a brush. Pat gently into the lips with a finger or brush until well blended. Blot with a tissue.

    3. Hollywood Glam

    This look can be done with or without lip liner. We used liner in the picture above as it sharpens the edge and gives that defined “Old Hollywood ” look.

    Line the lips with a pencil the same colour or a very slight shade darker than your lipstick. Fill in with the lipstick either directly from the tube or with a brush. Be sure to blend right to the lip line and keep in mind that this is a very precise application.

    In order to give your intensely coloured lips some staying power, take a single ply of tissue and place it over your finished lip application.

    Dust a little loose powder over the tissue, remove, and then apply another light coat of your lip colour.

    4. Matte

    Basically the Hollywood Glam look blotted with a tissue so that any shine from the lipstick is removed.

    5. Juicy

    Add a touch of gloss to your Hollywood Glam lips.

    Apply a dab of your favourite gloss to the centre of the bottom lip (we used Jane Iredale’s Pure Gloss – Red Currant) and then touch the lips together.

    When applying gloss over an intense colour, it’s important to remember that a little goes a long way. If you apply a lot of gloss, or press your lips together, there is a greater chance of smearing, feathering, and loss of colour.

    5 different looks using one lip colour! Now you’re ready for your big night out, or simply a quiet night in. Special thanks to Janet Wilson for her amazing tips and to our wonderful Michelle Li for the use of her gorgeous lips!

    Remember, Pure + simple offers in-store makeup applications and lessons! Call in to any one of our locations to book an appointment with any of our talented staff members!

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