• Introducing Fresh Canadian Brands 2016

    When we at Pure+Simple were curating “Fresh Canadian Brands” to include in our July pop-up, we found that many of the companies actually had similar start-up stories to that of our Pure + Simple founders. The founders of all these companies were fed up with the available solutions on the market. Some wanted natural products, but most just wanted whatever would actually work!

    This July, Pure+ Simple will be shining a spotlight on these Fresh Canadian Brands during a month-long in-store event. The brands featured have a lot in common with Pure + Simple. They're proudly designed and produced in Canada. They're made from natural ingredients and free of harmful chemicals. They have been developed to be eco-conscious and sustainable. Last but not least, they aim to provide the best in beauty and skincare for their clients!

    We've invited the founders to be in store to talk, test and offer you personalized product recommendations. We hope to highlight some locally-sourced talent and provide our clients with some fresh alternatives to their routine products.

    Without further ado, here are our Fresh Canadian Brands!


    Tired of overpriced, chemical cosmetic options, founder Melanie Cruikshank started cooking up her own natural makeup in her kitchen! da’lish has set themselves apart from conventional beauty options with all-natural, cruelty free makeup designed with the modern woman in mind.

    For more information & products click here.


    Who says leading an active lifestyle means sacrificing looking your best? With an all-natural, organic approach to make-up and skincare, FitGlow is the perfect fit when life doesn’t let you slow down. Quality, cruelty-free products that go the distance—so you can too!

    For more information & products click here.

    Healing Haus:

    Cheryl first created her naturopathic creams while she was still a medical intern. Now, Doctor Karthaus is practicing as a licensed Naturopath and has set out on a journey to improve health! Her creams continue to improve lives, providing targeted solutions to her patients’ ailments.

    For more information & products click here.


    Here&Now creates luxury Aromatherapy products that are works of art! Drawing on inspiration from ancient botanical practices to create skincare that is both natural and truly effective - you never need to sacrifice one for the other.

    For more information & products click here.


    After years of research and consultation, Dr. Brei has created what she believes to be the world’s best detoxifying mask. Through Active Mineral Sequestration technology, NuVsio’s mineral masks and treatments detoxify the skin while simultaneously gently exfoliating, minimizing pore appearance, and normalizing the skin’s pH. The perfect marriage of science and beauty!

    For more information & products click here.

    Sattva Pure:

    Organic, fair trade, and vegan skincare options were the dream for founder Mia Mevissen. Sattva Pure is that dream realized, with a vast collection of body butters and sugar scrubs providing all-natural alternatives to conventional options on today’s beauty market.

    For more information & products click here.

    Skin Essence:

    Tired of skincare and cosmetic options that did not align with their model of health and moral beliefs, Skin Essence set out to change the game. They’ve done just that, offering a full line of organic, fair trade,and eco-friendly products made with world-class ingredients!

    For more information & products click here.

    Thera Wise:

    Sick of flowery lotions and creams, Thera Wise founderWarren Brander wanted a more substantial medical product. Thera Wise wascreated to effectively treat skin conditions with all-natural ingredients,offering a chemical-free option with long-lasting results

    For more information & products click here.


    Celebrity stylist and World Hair founder Brian Phillips had had enough of convoluted chemical skin and hair care products. Offering exceptional service without the conventional chemicals, WORLD has made their mark on the market with their wide range of natural beauty products.

    For more information & products click here.

    For more information and to view a schedule of when the founders will be in-store, go here.

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