• I Am How You See Me

    In the future the more connected we are, the more we invite success and happiness into our lives. Pure + Simple Beauty, Farah Yasmine Shakir, is one of those people who is well placed to lead us into such a future.

    Farah has been a client of Pure + Simple since we first opened in 2000. Farah’s holistic approach to life made her an easy fan of our Ayurvedic approach to skincare. This could be the outcome of being Canadian born and internationally raised as the progeny of a European Jewish Canadian Mother and a naturalized Canadian Pakistani father.

    Her intuitive nature allowed her experience of racial bias& provocation to lead to a career in reconciling cultural differences in business. Farah explains, “Connectedness to others follows connecting within oneself. And holistic health helps us find that as it brings us closer to our authentic selves.”

    She has strong ties to Canada and Pakistan but has chosen to make Europe her home base for now, because she sees great opportunities in Europe's current challenges in cultural diversity.

    Her unique position of being a person with backgrounds from different fault lines will bring multiple insights to international business relations while helping shape new value systems for leaders and organisations.

    Her long term goal is to go beyond international business to bring connectedness amongst people of different cultures to contribute greatly to improved human rights and general quality of life.

    As Farah states “If we keep letting cultural lines be drawn between people, the gaps between us can increase and only make things worse. I want to be part of bringing people together through values that consistently should be for all yet at the same time accepting and allowing for peoples differences.“

    Farah’s story is powerful to say the least. In her Ted Talk she draws from her multicultural background to describe how the smallest of actions, whether of kindness or prejudice, can be powerful in shaping the way we deal with people we work and interact with. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k1xQNK6vG6Y


    Farah Yasmine Shakir, has lived in the UAE, Oman, Pakistan, and Canada and currently resides in Barcelona, Spain where she is at IESE Business School, Managing People in Organizations. She is of Pakistani-Jewish-Canadian origin. After graduating from Queen’s University, Canada with a Master of Industrial Relations, she established a career in HR. Currently, she researches and teaches in the area of organizational behavior within international management. Her main aim is considering management practices that reconcile cultural differences.

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