• How To Achieve Your Softest, Dewiest Lips

    By Jean Eng

    Don’t let your lips reveal your age! Thinning lips and the appearance of fine lines around the mouth can really drag you down, not to mention all the dryness and chapping that comes with it. All you really want are plump, smooth lips with just a dash of colour… is that really so much to ask? With a bit of understanding and the right lip care, I don’t think so!

    Several factors can contribute to dry lips, and of course, the winter months are major players. The cold and dry weather this season can slow down blood circulation and cut down internal moisture. On top of that, digestive issues can also contribute to dryness (who knew? If your upper lip is dry, your digestive system could be off, whereas lower lip dryness can indicate constipation problems).

    In order to get your lips back to their prime, here are some simple daily steps that you can take.

    Use a Lip Serum

    My favourite: Pure + simple Collagen Elastin Eye + Lip Concentrate.

    A product like this will deeply penetrate the skin and offer optimal hydration with ingredients like Hyaluronic Acid, Collagen, and Honey. This can be used as a daily treatment and will even help to give your lips an extra, plumping boost that you will love!

    Combat Dehydration with a Lip Oil

    My favourite: Organic Peppermint Lip Oil.

    This refreshing lip oil will help with hydration on a daily basis. Lip oils offer a light texture that will cut down dehydration + encourage smoothness. One of our star products, the Organic Peppermint Lip Oil is the perfect product to plump and revitalize. It gives lips a full glossy look while treating the skin to a moisture bath!

    Add a Lip Colour to Finish the Look

    My favourites: Pure + simple Ayurvedic Lip Balms.

    These are great options if you like a bit of colour. I recommend one of these in place of a lipstick, as they tend to be more hydrating.

    Keep Lips Soft with a Lip Balm

    My favourite: Martina Gebhardt Lip Balm.

    This is a sweet scented alternative if you prefer a more natural look without the additional colour.

    Incorporate a Weekly Treatment

    On a weekly basis, it’s a good idea to give your lips a good exfoliating and hydrating treatment. For this, I highly recommend our Skin Nourishing Exfoliant + Face Mask; it’s perfect for the lips! Apply a small amount of the mask onto the lips and leave it on for ten minutes. Afterwards, exfoliate with a gentle, circular motion and rinse. For a little extra boost, follow with a lip serum, oil, and balm.

    Don’t let chapped lips steal your thunder! Remember that with a little bit of extra love, dryness can be a thing of the past. Your lips will thank you in the long run!

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