• Holistic Skincare

    When most people hear Holistic Skincare they pretty much think “putting stuff on my face that’s good for me”. Well, yes and no. A better understanding would be “taking care of your skin by caring for our health, inside and out.”

    We can all agree that “inside” refers to food, supplements and medicine; and “outside” is basically the skincare and make up we apply on bodies. But let’s take this one step further: You can better achieve or maintain your health and beauty if you expand what you perceive to be holistic by extending what we put “inside” to include our thoughts and our feelings; and the idea of “outside” to include our environment and the people and things within it.

    You’d be surprised how we think, behave and interact influences our health and attitude, and therefore our appearance.

    The environment, including our community and the people and things in it, are having an impact on our personal appearance without our realizing it. By creating positive changes in our environment, we can create positive changes in our health of our bodies and our skin.

    For more on this, visit our previous blog entry at: http://our-metamorphosis.blogspot.ca/
    or visit Adria Vasil’s blog, also known as The Ecoholic, at: http://www.ecoholic.ca/
    As Dr. Lissa Rankin, M.D., states in her book Mind Over Medicine, growing and learning how to think and act more positively will impact our health and beauty. To read more from her, you can purchase her book at: http://www.chapters.indigo.ca/

    We at Pure + simple will continue to help you become more harmonious with your holistic self through Ayurveda and energetically connecting you to your environment, the weather, and time of day.

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