• Heat Up Your Beauty

    Remember that old saying, “no pain, no gain”?! What if we were to tell you that there is a way to reverse the clock, and it’s done in just one treatment? Also that it’s done without resorting to painful and uncomfortable methods? But wait, there’s more!!! It’s also ideal for ALL skin types!!! Our new Radiant Lift Facial is a completely non-evasive system that uses radio waves (energy) to gently and safely rejuvenate your facial appearance. FINALLY, a rejuvenating facial that uses the same principles as Ayurveda!

    It’s quite simple really. A handheld wand is placed on a small portion of the face which emits radio waves. These radio waves travel to the deeper layers of the skin without impacting the surface. You know they’re working because it actually feels warm. This warmth causes molecules in the skin to move, twist, and collide in order to cause friction with one another. Interestingly, the heat experienced is not created by the hand piece itself but from the stimulation of the dermis tissue which results in plumper and firmer skin. The best part of this service is that there is no pain, bruising, or redness so there are no precautions with exercise, sun exposure or skincare. The heat generated by Radiant Lift will actually relax you and your facial muscles while stimulating your collagen production. See?… it’s “all gain, no pain”!

    Radio waves have actually been around for years and there are many different types that have been used in the medical field for pain management, wound healing, and to alleviate clinical depression. Just a few of these proven benefits are reduced localized inflammation, increased blood flow, stimulating muscles, and triggering the release of endorphins.

    The visible benefits of the Radial Lift Facial are:

    Improved skin tone for those with mild to moderate sagging of facial tissue
    Improved lift in brows and eyes when forehead skin tightens
    Delicate skin around the eyes thickens and tightens
    Lifting of the cheeks
    Reduced and evening of pore size
    Lifting of the jowl and jaw line
    Tightening the skin of the neck
    Reduction of fine lines and wrinkles
    Who/When can benefits

    Mature skin in need of rejuvenation
    Pre & post surgery treatments
    Sensitive skin without inflammation
    All skin types provided there isn’t an excess of heat (rosacea, inflammation, Pitta heat, etc)
    The best thing about this particular service is that the results are immediately visible. This is because of the short term tightening of the skin from contracting collagen fibres. Long term rejuvenation occurs a week later as new collagen and elastin fibres are higher in number, strength, and elasticity. Naturally, long-term effects are increased with a higher number of treatments in close proximity. While the protocol will vary with each client, a forty year old can expect desired long-term results with 6-8 weekly treatments and a maintenance of monthly Radiant Lift Facials thereafter. A fifty year old may begin with 2 treatments a week for a month and then weekly treatments for 6-8 treatments and then finally a maintenance of monthly Radiant Lift Facials. Speak to your esthetician about an ideal plan tailored specifically for you and your needs!

    To get the most for your time and money take a look at the various Radio Frequency services we offer.

    CONTRAINDICATIONS – Who Should Not Receive Radiofrequency Treatments

    There are some people who should not receive Radiofrequency treatments. As with any medical issue, always consult your physician first.

    Pregnant women
    Patients with pacemakers, hearing aids, or other electromagnetic devices
    Active acne, Inflammation or Rosacea
    Superficially subjacent metallic implants
    Serious diabetes
    Heart + kidney (cholelithlasis) diseases
    To read more about Radio Frequency and to get advice on pre-treatment and effective home care to keep the results long term visit our Knoweldge Is Power: Radiant Lift

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