• Haunting Halloween Makeup

    Halloween can be so much fun for the kiddies, but it can be just as much fun for us “big kids”. Especially if you’re anything like I am! For me, the best part of All-Hallows-Eve isn’t so much the candy, the partying, or showing off my costume – it’s getting ready. I take far more enjoyment in seeing my creation come to life and transforming my look into something totally out there! And boy, can my creations be out there!!!

    I only use all-natural makeup!!!

    Yup, the transformation you see above was done using Pure+Simple and Jane Iredale mineral makeup! And not only that, but it’s all powder, baby!!! POWDER!!!!

    Look, there is absolutely no need to wreck the hard work, time, and money you’ve put into your face by slathering on alcohol laden and petroleum heavy makeups. Why suffer through weeks of red, angry, and sometimes painful blemishes just so you can partake in a little Monster Madness?! Uh-uh Girl! Keep that skin pristine and those pores clear without the ghoulish after effects! If I can do this with natural makeup, then you can do just about anything!!! Now get out there and add a little fright to your night!!!

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