• Guest Post: Keeping Algonquin Park Clean + Safe

    By Margot Perlmutter

    There are many reasons why I feel blessed to have such a rewarding job. Watching children grow physically and mentally, building bonds, conquering fears, achieving milestones daily and creating life long memories are of course just a few. But admittedly, one of the most unique and personally satisfying aspects is the ability to call gorgeous Algonquin Park my office. There is something transformative about jumping into a crisp lake. It is the perfect way to energize you for the day ahead, and the ideal way to relax and unwind after a hot long day. And naturally, preserving the pristine waters of Algonquin Park, Ontario is a top priority for all Tamakwans.

    One of the many sayings our campers and staff adhere is to “leave your campsite better than you found it”. Whether you take this saying for its literal sense and make sure you take away all garbage, even that which is not your own, from your canoe trip or cookout site, or whether you take that extra bit of energy to pick up a coffee cup blowing around a city sidewalk, you are helping to make this world a cleaner place.

    Camp Tamakwa is passionate about preserving our environment, keeping our space clean and helping our environment in many different ways. We turn off cabin lights when leaving a building. We recycle letters, cartons, and boxes as much as possible. We take only the amount of food we will eat and try not to waste, and we also use only 100% biodegradable safe shampoos in our gorgeous lake.

    Every Tamakwan understands that what you put on your body at the start of the day will inevitable wash off in the lake at the end of the day (and the same goes when we are at home, the products we use will be washed down the drain, and have the same impact on our beautiful lake and other bodies of water). This means we only use the cleanest products to help protect our waters and surrounding wildlife. We are proud of the steps we take to do our part at camp, and we hope the values learned extend well into everyone’s city life.

    So, while city folks will be sitting in traffic at 5pm for the commute home from work, we Tamakwans will be jumping in the lake for a refreshing wash before dinner, with fabulous products made by environmentally friendly companies like Pure + Simple!

    About Margot Perlmutter:

    My name is Margot Perlmutter and I am the Assistant Director at Camp Tamakwa, a residential summer camp in Algonquin Park Ontario. I first attended Tamakwa as a camper in 1986 and continued for 10 years. After a decade in the advertising world, I decided to fulfill my passion and returned to help provide a new generation of campers with the same wonderful memories I enjoyed as a child. I am passionate about the environment and promoting a healthy lifestyle for all campers and staff.

    Tamakwa is constantly engaging campers and staff to make smart choices in every aspect of their day to day lives. This means being good Tamakwans who help and encourage others, being conscious of the large array of allergies our community faces daily and of course, using products that help our environment at camp and at home. Environmental allergies are certainly on the rise and toxic chemicals are seen in almost every aspect of consumers lives. Pure + Simple is an example of how easy it is to make positive choices in your life that nourish your body as well as our incredible Algonquin Park surroundings.



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