• Give Your Face a Lift

    Give Your Face a Lift 

    How 3 Proven and Non-Invasive Facial Lifting Technologies can Give You and Your Skin a Lifting Experience

    If you feel your skin needs a lift, but you’re not ready for Botox, injections or surgery there are healthy and safe alternatives for you to choose from, like natural skincare products and proven non-invasive facial lifting technologies like Microcurrent, Ultrasound and Radio Frequency

    These 3 very effective technologies, along with other skin rejuvenating technologies, can assist you to reach your goals for your skin’s appearance.

    You may be wondering, “how will I choose?”. To make a smart choice, you need to know what skin issue you want to solve and also understand its root cause. 

    What are the common signs of skin aging, and what causes them?

    1. Wrinkles: Facial lines become more prominent when our skin is lacking hydration. As we age, no matter what skin type we have, our skin hydration is naturally lower.
    2. Loss of Skin Tone: Aging skin can appear paler and less pigmented. The cause is elastin fibre degradation and bone loss.
    3. Slack Muscles: Like all of our muscles as we age, those on our face become weaker and are less taught.
    4. Loss of Skin Plumpness: As we age, our skin may become less firm and start to sag. The cause is collagen production degeneration. 

    Which of These 3 Skin Lifting Technologies are for You?

    Ultrasound (US)

    Ultrasound uses sound waves to improve the appearance of your skin by infusing your skin with products, like serums and gels, deep into your skin layers. Ultrasound can improve the firmness and elasticity of aging skin by stimulating the creation of new collagen, as well as having claims to being effective in bone healing and regeneration.

    Ultrasound is best for very sensitive or rosacea skin types, and for those who don’t need dramatic changes to skin.

    Microcurrent  (MC)

    Microcurrent technology uses electric currents to stimulate and strengthen muscles, thereby lifting and tightening the skin. A secondary effect from the stimulation is improved blood flow to the skin. This results in a healthier and more youthful appearance. The increased blood circulation in the area can also reduce inflammation to decrease chronic redness and pigmentation.

    Microcurrent is excellent to stimulate and strengthen aging facial muscles to give your skin a lifted appearance.

    Radio Frequency (RF)

    Radio frequency in skin care uses radio waves at a certain frequency to improve skin plumpness and firmness, by stimulating the production of collagen and elastin fibres.  

    Radio Frequency is a great choice for maturing skin that requires stimulation to their collagen production.

    These 3 lifting technologies are offered to you in 3 different ways in our spas.

    1. Facial
    2. Treatment
    3. Add-On

    Pure + Simple’s™ Skin Sages are happy to help you determine which technologies or what combination of them will get you the results you want. As well as which of the facial offerings will not just get you to the results you want and expect, but within your budget.

    So, start your journey to acquiring a more rejuvenated look. Come and visit 1 of our 8 spa locations to help us learn what your expectations are, and we will share our recommendation to help you achieve it!

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