• Get A Clear Complexion With IPL Facial Treatments

    We have finally stepped into October and the heat + humidity of summer is beginning to fade. It’s usually around this time that we start noticing the results of our over-exposure to the sun, or our accidental neglect in protecting our skin. Take a close look at that beautiful tan, and it reveals signs of premature aging, including sun-spots, age-spots, fine lines, large pores + an uneven texture.

    Regret may set in, but there is no better time than now to think of solutions!


    With the holidays right around the corner, most of us are looking for an effective way to obtain substantial results in a comparatively shorter time. An Intense Pulse Light treatment is one of the most popular treatments for Hyperpigmentation.

    Pure + simple uses SharpLight’s advanced IPL technology, which fight a diverse range of skin issues caused by age, sun exposure and environmental pollution.

    To deliver impressive, reliable + long-lasting results, SharpLight’s systems target the issues from multiple angles in a balanced manner. IPL is used to replace the damaged Collagen Fibers with new ones under the skin through Selective Photothermolysis . This technique is used to target + remove the unwanted tissue, without damaging the surrounding areas of your skin. This is achieved by inducing Necrosis, which eliminates pigmented and vascular lesions, followed by the application of low-energy, short-pulse broadband light to achieve more youthful looking skin.

    Our IPL facials also includes a Hyaluronic Face + Neck Mask to calm, soothe + hydrate skin, followed by a quick, relaxing massage. If you’re curious about the results, or would like to learn more, a free consultation is the best way to start. We recommend coming in for a consultation to learn how IPL can help your achieve your skincare goals + get a free test-patch to make sure IPL is right for you.

    Pure + simple Estheticians always aim to use the knowledge at hand to deliver the best results for you. Take the first step towards achieving radiant + youthful skin. Come in for a consultation and let’s talk!

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