• #freshcanadianbrands17: Cydney Mar On Community, Connection + Gratitude

    Tonight, I am sitting here at my writing desk, looking out into the night and reflecting on the beautiful community of women around me. I'm so very grateful to be able to connect and share our stories. Every day, we care for each other, encourage each other and hold each other up.

    Four years ago, I was admitted to the Montreal General Hospital emergency as I had acute abdominal pain. By the next morning, I was hooked up to everything, with a saline drip, antibiotics, and an oxygen mask. A series of endless tests revealed that my immune system crashed, which basically meant that some dirt off a table top could have killed me.

    The support I received during this time however, made me realize how blessed I am to be loved and guided, and that I have a purpose. I realized that we’re connected and gratitude is a must. That’s when I made the switch, and that is how Cydney Mar Wellness happened.

    A born optimist, I believe that life is meant to be happy, healthy and well lived. That means making healthy choices, choices that give you the opportunity to live life to the fullest. Everyday Fabulous has become my mantra from the inside out. And I want to spread this message and help others achieve their own sense of fabulous.

    I find it interesting to hear from my friends that they share their successful skincare remedies within their circle. Be it daughter-in-law’s recommending for their mother-in-law’s, or mothers asking if their 13-year-old daughters can use the remedies and soul sisters offering to carry our remedies to friends in other countries. It can be advice about how to alkalinize with a bit of lemon in our daily glass of water, or an ingredient, or holding sacred space. This is community, this is how we take care of each other.

    I believe that we are wired to be helpful, kind and caring. We are wired to return to the energy of love, that some of the harshness we see around us is a call for healing. This is why I feel particularly humbled at this juncture in my life, to be able to be of service in whatever way I can.

    About Cydney Mar

    Cydney is a former figure skater, international fashion designer at Cydney Mar Inc. and a wellness enthusiast. Cydney Mar Wellness offers high quality healthy choices created to help you achieve optimal health with an everyday easiness for everyday wellness. Try her products 15% off at all Pure + Simple locations from July 10 until the end of August!

    About Cydney Mar Wellness

    Cydney Mar Wellness products are a Naturopathic doctor-formulated clinical line of medicinal supplements. A lifetime Energy Enthusiast, Cydney Mar recently survived a near-death experience, inspiring her to partner with an amazing Canadian nutraceuticals manufacturer to develop a focused line of extraordinarily effective vitamins and supplements. High-quality ingredients and formulations ensure positive therapeutic indications supported by naturopathic science. Packaged in veggie caps, Gluten Free they are easy to take and can also be easily added to yogurts or smoothies for those who would rather not swallow pills.

    Feature Week (July 10-16) : Free Consultations with Cydney Mar (30 mins)

    Join Cydney Mar at all Pure + Simple locations to discuss your health & beauty during her upcoming visit to Pure + Simple Spas. Cydney’s recent near death experience and loss of almost all her hair had her searching for answers on how to regain her health & beauty. Her Naturopathic Doctor created a vitamin formula that helped her hair grow back gorgeously. She partnered with the manufacturer to develop a concise range of therapeutic calibre vitamins~ and Cydney Mar Wellness was born. Everyday Fabulous is perfectly natural.

    Call your local Pure + Simple to book a 20 mins. consultation with Cydney Mar to discover her health & beauty secrets from the inside out. Customers who book a consultation with also get a small gift! See the schedule below:

    Wed. July 12th, 2017
    12:00 - 2:00 PM

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    Pure + Simple Waterloo (226.647.5042)

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