• Fine Lines, Redness, Pigmentation, Enlarged Pores

    The First Signs of Aging: Fine Lines, Redness, Pigmentation, Enlarged Pores

    It’s common knowledge that poor lifestyle choices and over-exposure to the elements will accelerate the aging of our skin despite good fortune in the family gene pool, or in terms of Ayurveda, our Doshas. The first step in any proper “anti-aging” regime is recognizing what aging skin is and how to spot the first signs of it. So the real question is: What are the real signs of aging skin?

    This is a multi-layered answer. The first signs of aging are the ones you see (surface deconstruction) and are mainly in the Epidermis. By neglecting to protect the skin from ambient moisture loss, i.e., living in desert-like heat or extreme cold, we cause structural damage in the form of fine lines, enlarged pores, redness, and potentially some light hyper-pigmentation. Also, as we dehydrate our bodies through overconsumption of alcohol and/or smoking, lack of sleep, or irregular diet, we set a habit for temporary fine lines and redness which will ultimately become permanent. Prescription drugs and antibiotics have the same effect. The light and temporary signs of aging begin to manifest as early as our twenties with increased depth and vigour, which is when they can become an everyday part of our lives.
    In contrast, by using natural products and reducing the occurrence of dehydration and redness, we leave the capillaries free from blockage, allowing the blood to carry away debris, cellular waste, and toxins, ultimately contributing to the long-term health and youthful appearance of the skin.

    Luckily, this type of skin aging is easy to remedy as the causes tend to be in the top-most layer of the skin and are mainly superficial.

    Start a good skincare routine:
    • Gentle milk cleanser to cleanse
    • Serum with collagen, hyaluronic acid, seaweed to boost hydration levels
    • Moisturizer or Lotion
    • Exfoliate skin regularly
    Stick to a diet that balances your Doshas.
    Drink healthy liquids like water, herbal teas, vegetable juices, broth
    Exercise regularly
    Reduce stress. Don’t over work or over exert at physical activities
    Love your kidneys
    Get adequate sleep daily
    Increase harmony with meditation
    Think positively and love self and others
    There are also professional treatments that help with this particular skin concern that are not only anti-aging, but regenerating and invigorating.

    Microdermabrasion is an excellent way to stimulate circulation and increase your natural collagen production. We recommend using sea salt as a healthier exfoliant for its purifying and hydrating properties.

    Aquadermabrasion (water/saline) is best for a gentler exfoliation with cooling and hydrating benefits.

    Micro Current (Lumilift) is excellent to improve the skin’s hydration and tone.

    LED Light Treatments can improve skin’s appearance by rejuvenating skin cells and killing bacteria.

    Great results will be seen with just one treatment, but for long lasting results a series, of treatments is recommended.

    For individual advice please feel free to contact spa@pureandsimple.ca or go to Pureandsimple.ca for product and spa information.

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