• Facial Redness, Rosacea - Treat It Naturally!

    Rosacea is probably the most common skin issue that I deal with besides acne and eczema. There are basically 4 reasons for facial redness and those little red spider veins on the cheeks, forehead, nose and chin.

    1. If you are not using the proper cleanser and it is harsh or stripping/drying, this will cause you many problems. I hear daily that the doctors are telling people to use Clinique, Ivory, Dove, Aveeno, La Roche Possay and Avene. These are the typical people sadly that are ending up on our doorstep, gladly we can help. Chemicals are not the way to deal with any skin issue. It is very important to use either a very gentle gel, creamy or oil cleanser. I am not partial to foaming cleansers as even in the natural world, they tend to strip.

    2. Moisturizer is of the utmost importance. If it isn’t moisturizing enough, you will most definitely see redness.
    Facial Oils are perfect for this because they actually penetrate, the molecules are small . Cream moisturizers are perfect as a secondary moisturizing as it gives a protection barrier from the elements. To layer the two are the perfect pairing. I suggest an all natural SPF moisturizer Sun Protection for this as protection from the sun is of the utmost importance.

    3. Being congested (with blackheads or whiteheads) can also cause redness. Monthly facials will help this issue and using the proper products. It also comes down to nationality. If you have very pale skin, sensitive skin or typically European skin, you can be prone to capillaries. Certain food can also irritate as well as wine, especially if you have sensitivities to them such as gluten.

    4. Overuse of scrubs or harsh cleansers or too much exfoliating is also a huge factor in rosacea. People tend to exfoliate either daily or way too often. The point of exfoliating is to shed dead skin cells. We only need to do this maximum 1 X a week. Any more than that can be too much.

    5. Protect yourself from the sun every day, it doesn’t have to be sunny to damage your skin. Redness is worsened when it isn’t protected. Our faves are Coola, Devita, 100% Pure and Andalou. Come in and test them out and get into the habit. Best part is that these come ready with moisturizer, so it’s your one stop shop in the morning, some with a foundation type coverage as well.

    The best products that I have found for Rosacea are the cleanser, toner, moisturizing/calming oil and pomegranate moisturizer from Holistic Vanity (Pure + Simple). The results are staggering honestly. These paired with Skin Essence E Cream are basically the answer for Rosacea. If they don’t clear your skin, then you know that you have a food sensitivity or hormonal issue that needs to be looked into.

    Being in the beauty industry is not easy, if you have imperfections people wonder how well your treatments work. I know because I hesitated to go to a bald hairdresser haha! Laser photofacials are the only method that will take care of those little red spider veins. They can zap the tiny red capillaries in the face and they disappear for a while. It’s a maintenance thing really. Just as anything else that is treated with laser, it can sometimes resurface but it works.

    If you do have blotchy skin or facial redness, try this, I do really believe that it will work for you too, there’s no reason for it not to. Let me know how these work for you or what else you suggest

    Glam Goes Green owner Lisa Morgen is a medically trained esthetician who believes that you can go natural without spending a fortune! The boutique offers a wide variety of natural skincare and body care, cosmetics and more. Ninety-nine percent of their products are Gluten-free and one-hundred percent are Cruelty free. Read more about Glam Goes Green and shop their products here.

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