• Enhance Your Unique Skin

    Loving Our Skin’s Uniqueness

    Let’s face it; very few of us are entirely satisfied with our looks. For most of us, the discontent stems from unwanted features ranging from harmless skin conditions like excess pigmentation to more severe concerns like cancerous moles.

    Unwanted features can fall into the following categories:

    Medical Conditions

    Life-threatening skin disorders like Psoriasis and Cancerous Moles require immediate medical attention. While Rosacea and Acne are not life-threatening, they can be significant enough to be medical concerns, which we’ll be discussing in-depth in new blogs to come.


    People's perceptions of unwanted benign skin conditions are largely influenced by societal and cultural norms. Common concerns include:


    These small, flat spots are usually found on sun-exposed areas and come in various colours depending on your skin tone. While most find freckles attractive, their abundance might turn this cute and harmless feature into an annoyance.

    Age Spots

    As we age and expose our skin to the sun, freckles may become age spots. The desire to remove this feature is widespread due to the negative attitude towards aging.


    Hyperpigmentation, like freckles, is the result of an overproduction of melanin which occurs when we are exposed to the sun. Hyperpigmentation is more irregular and less aesthetically pleasing than freckles. Solutions vary based on individual perception, the duration of the condition, and its prevalence.

    Solutions to Freckles, Age Spots, and Hyperpigmentation 

    Prevention through a good skincare routine with SPF is best. Professional strength peels, microneedling, and Intense Pulse Light (IPL) can reduce their appearance, with the choice depending on the expected results and time commitment.

    Quick Tip: Pure + Simple coined the 4 Steps to Beautiful Skin skincare routine, featuring a cleanser, serum, oil, and moisturizer. Learn more about our 4-step routine, here


    "Women don't allow other women to age gracefully. And we don't give ourselves permission to age gracefully." - Cameron Diaz 

    Aging gracefully is a personal choice, and wrinkles, whether fine-lines or deeper, are not inevitable at any specific age. Solutions depend on individual expectations, with monthly facials and a customized skincare routine being excellent options.

    What’s the difference between fine-lines and deep lines? 

    Fine Lines

    • Dehydration causes fine-lines temporarily in young skin.
    • Collagen production slows down after 30 years of age.

    Deep Lines

    • Deep lines are created when fine-lines are not tended to early.  
    • Deep lines are more noticeable with thicker skin types. However, thicker skin types can easily remedy this with attention to skin hydration levels.
    • For delicate thin skin types most wrinkles are less visible.
    Solutions to Wrinkles

    The solution will greatly depend on one’s desire to erase the visible signs of aging.

    How much of the clock one desires to turn back, and how fast and dramatic the results expected, will determine the choice of the following spa treatments.

    • IPL
    • Microneedling
    • Microdermabrasion
    • Peels
    • AFA, Retinol


    Resulting from trauma to the skin, scars can be memorable features or undesired aspects to be addressed. For some the scar may be a memorable and unique feature of the owner.  In this case merely investing in a great skincare routine is a great option. For others, a course of treatments like the following is a better solution:

    • IPL
    • Microneedling
    • Microdermabrasion
    • Peels
    • Retinol


    While Vitiligo is a disorder of the immune system, it is not life-threatening or contagious. But like the above non threatening features, it can affect your confidence. We love the representation and impact that model Winnie Harlow, (Chantelle Whitney Brown-Young) with vitiligo has made, wearing her skin like a prized of her uniqueness. 

    A customized skincare routine is recommended to maintain an overall healthy looking skin.

    Non Cancerous Moles 

    Beauty Marks 

    It is not uncommon for patients to have moles on their skin that never develop into skin cancer. So it is wise to care for your skin with a skincare routine that maintains it health.  Embracing your beauty marks or seeking advice from a doctor for removal is a personal choice.

    In the end, our skin's uniqueness is a canvas of stories, and how we choose to express them is entirely up to us. Beauty is subjective, and the quirks that make us who we are should be celebrated. So whether you embrace your freckles or seek treatments for age spots, remember, your skin tells a story, and it's uniquely yours.

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