• Detox Naturally, Inside - Out

    On March 19, Pure + Simple Eglinton had the pleasure of hosting a holistic Detox talk. The timing could not have been more perfect and with Spring’s arrival, we’re all ready for a fresh start! –We were lucky to have Mary Futher, founder of KAIA Naturals, an indie eco-friendly + non-toxic beauty company, and Mimie Louie, a Toronto based Certified Nutrition Coach + Personal Trainer leading our discussion. This Detox Duo mesmerized our audience of health + green beauty enthusiasts with their wealth of knowledge about Natural Detox inside + out.

    Mimie Louie + Mary Futher

    The evening kicked off with introductions + a brief networking session over light snacks. The presentation started with Mimie debunking the common myths about detox. An engaging session revealed the most common misconceptions and Mimie walked the crowd through how our body is a natural detox machine. Her biggest piece of advice for us is to include natural detox choices in our daily life. Our key takeaways are --

    1. Detox doesn’t mean deprivation. Instead, think about detoxing as adding more plant foods to your diet that will help alleviate that “ugh” feeling from over eating or drinking. Add in veggies + fruit that stimulate your body’s natural detoxification system, such as cruciferous vegetables (bok choy, broccoli, Brussel sprouts, cabbage, cauliflower, etc.) and antioxidant berries.

    2. Eat moderate amounts of food + listen to your body. Eating too much accumulates more toxins in your body. Eat until you’re comfortably full and try to not eat after dinner.

    3. Drink water to stay hydrated + keep your skin looking healthy. Our kidneys play a major role in elimination + water helps keep them clean. Squeeze some fresh lemon into your water for taste + added detox benefits!

    4. Drink sugar-free, dairy-free, decaffeinated drinks. Take a break from inflammatory foods like sugar, dairy, gluten, caffeine and alcohol. Herbal teas are a good choice.

    5. Move your body and sweat. No time like Spring to step outside for a walk or light run. Our skin is our largest organ and is a major toxin eliminator. Regular exercise and general daily movement is a fantastic way to detox simply by sweating out the toxins.

    Mimie sharing her wisdom.

    Mimie ended her talk with a detoxifying Box Breathing exercise (4 seconds breathing in, hold for 4 seconds, 4 seconds exhaling, 4hold for 4 seconds), which left everyone in the room feeling very relaxed.

    The conversation then moved to Mary who introduced us to the hottest ingredient in the beauty industry: Charcoal. Mary talked about the different types of Charcoal, and how it works to detoxify our skin, body + anything else with toxins. She also took us along her personal journey of detox. As a busy beauty industry executive + product developer she found herself turning to the bulk of chemical products + started to develop routine eye infections. She then decided to take stock of all products and one look at the ingredient list made her realize that she needed to find beauty products that were free of abrasive chemicals. From there, KAIA Naturals was born!

    Kaia’s TakesumiDetox Charcoal Deodorant is the first 99% natural deodorant that uses safe ingredients, with activated charcoal as their main ingredient to fight odor-causing bacteria while drawing out harmful toxins. Mary walked the audience through the various stages of detox, explaining what to expect when switching to natural deodorant. She even shared her own little tricks + tips for days where we could all use some extra help (hello Kaia Booster Bar!).

    She then shed light on how to utilize charcoal to keep your surroundings clean by teaching us how to make our very own charcoal deodorizers!

    Mary teaching us about the benefits of Charcoal.

    The night ended with a Q+A session with our guests, both offline + online on Instagram! Thank you Mimie + Mary! We’re so excited to start detoxing, naturally.

    P+S team with the Detox Queens!

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