• Deep Lines And Hyper Pigmentation

    The Aging Process: Deep Lines and Hyper Pigmentation

    “Beauty is only skin deep”, they say. But did you know the real determinant of our appearance is in the dermis (lower) layer of our skin? This is where collagen fibres are manufactured and it’s imperative to know that it’s the quality of the collagen produced that determines the plumpness in the Epidermis (upper layer) and not the amount. As with most things in life, quality will always trump quantity.

    As we discussed in one of our previous blogs, if neglected, fine lines become deeper and more permanent; pigmentation becomes prominent and more stubborn; pores look larger; bumps and moles begin to appear; and our skin appears duller and more uneven. In short, the long-term lack of skin hydration is now causing more permanent and deeper damage and the image in the bathroom mirror is starting to look more like our parents than that vibrant kid we know and love! It’s enough to go into permanent hibernation.

    Prevention is simple:

    1. Keep skin hydrated…a moisturizing serum such as our collagen elastin is ideal.
    2. Get enough rest
    3. Eat lots of vegetables and fruit
    4. Drink water! Lots and lots of water!
    5. Limit unprotected sun and extreme temperature exposure
    6. Take liquid Vitamin D to keep skin and bones healthier
    7. Balance skin moisture and hydration level with proper skincare (see number one)

    So, let’s break it all down. Hydrated skin keeps capillary walls elastic and the dermis functioning optimally. But, when epidermal skin cells are dehydrated, they can’t protect the capillary walls and they become red. Long term redness results in darkening of the skin. When the epidermis doesn’t protect the dermis, Collagen and Elastin production is downgraded which causes skin to lose tone and moisture, and that means skin cells reproduce differently. Skin tags, moles, inverted pores and hyper pigmentation are results of wayward skin cell production. It’s like a nightmare game of Dominoes, isn’t it?!

    BUT WAIT! There’s no need to throw yourself to the ground like a despaired Disney princess!!! There’s some good news!!! This is all preventable. Start practicing better lifestyle choices and personal care by following the prevention suggestions above. Intense Pulse Light (IPL) services can give dramatic improvements and advanced-aged skin repair. Also, Microdermabrasion and Natural Skin Peels can improve skin appearance for those who need less dramatic procedures. Micro-current can rejuvenate the appearance of skin through electric pulse. And finally, to further our services and options to our P+S beauties, we are currently researching the results of new safe treatments using Radio Frequency and hope to have some good news about this in the very near future.

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