• Celebrity Dosha Spotlight


    DOSHA: Vata

    Prince William is a perfect example of a person with a Vata-dominant constitution. His tall, slim build, thin hair, and gentle disposition are all typical Vata characteristics that are easy to spot. In some close-up photos, we can see a few fine lines around the eyes and forehead areas, which could be an indication of dry skin. Though we can’t say for certain, we suspect that Prince William may struggle with dehydration and cold extremities, per natural Vata tendencies.

    When it comes to skincare, our recommendations for William would be:

    Pure+simple Collagen Elastin Plus serum
    Pure+simple Nourishing Vata Face Oil
    Pure+simple Cellular Repair Face Cream

    CELEBRITY SPOTLIGHT: Jennifer Lawrence

    DOSHA: Pitta

    Jennifer Lawrence’s is textbook Pitta-dominant. She has an athletic build and a competitive streak, admitting so herself in several interviews. This fiery Pitta personality has served her well, fueling her success, but it may come with typically Pitta drawbacks – heat-based breakouts and inflammation may give her a bit of a flush to match the red carpet, or have her sweating on-set!

    When it comes to skincare, our recommendations for Jennifer would be:

    Pure+simple Hydration Serum
    Pure+simple Sensitive Pitta Face Oil
    Pure+simple Skin Drink

    CELEBRITY SPOTLIGHT: Beyonce Knowles-Carter

    DOSHA: Kapha

    Beyonce is just singing out Kapha-dominant vibes to us! Her full, curvy build is typical of Kaphas, as is her dewy, radiant skin. Her grounded personality and stubborn determination may seem at odds with one another, but Ayurvedically, that’s Kapha to a T. If we had to guess, we’d say that Queen B sometimes experiences bloating or water retention – though if she does, we can’t tell!

    When it comes to skincare, our recommendations for Beyonce would be:

    Pure+simple Vitamin C Serum
    Pure+simple Balancing Kapha Face Oil
    Pure+simple Beautiful Skin Face Cream

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