• Beauty Chat With Kym Klopp, Owner Of Ecoexistence

    Calling all beauty enthusiasts in Guelph! We recently connected with Kym Klopp, owner of EcoExistence, and we’re so excited to be a part of her wonderful community. In fact, to celebrate our recent partnership, we will be at EcoExistence – Guelph from 12-5pm this Saturday July 18th for a free Express Facial Event! Call 519-341-5300 to RSVP today!

    Before the event, we wanted to have a beauty chat with Kym to get to know her and her beauty philosophy better:

    What impact does your work have on our shared local community and our world?

    My team and I help people reconsider the products they use and purchase. EcoExistence is focused on providing products that lighten the load on the planet. We are also very concerned with people’s health and welfare, so we will never carry products laden with chemicals. For example, we sell organic-made in Canada mattresses: no flame retardants, no pesticides just a safe sleep. We are a proud contributing member of our neighbourhood and an environmentally concern one. An example of this is the donations we make and the events that we host and or sponsor. We continue to add new products to encourage people to stop and think about alternatives to conventional products. We recently added the “healthy pantry” to encourage customers to make healthier choices.

    How do you personally define beauty?

    Beauty is a state of mind…if you feel good you radiate that from the inside out.

    What is one of your daily morning or night time rituals?

    I start every morning with warm water and lemon. This helps flush out toxins. Next, I sit in meditation for up to 20 minutes. Then I am blessed to have what I consider the most amazing skincare products to slather on. I take 5 deep breaths, inhaling the amazing aromas from the clean products I’ve just used. Next is the dog park with Ripley and Mazie which helps to keep my happy glow on. Then it’s on with the day. :)

    What is your favourite/must have Pure + simple product?

    My new favourite product is the Collagen Elastin Plus! It goes on beautifully; I’m loving it.

    The message you want to shout from the rooftop is…

    WAKE UP WORLD WE ARE IN TROUBLE! #HeaveSteve (would be a good start) : )

    About Kym Klopp:

    Kym Klopp is the owner of EcoExistence, a store that specializes in eco-friendly home and lifestyle products. Kym is as passionate about her community as she is the environment and regularly hosts events in her store that have turned EcoExistence into a neighbourhood hub where authors, activists, chefs and others meet to share ideas for living a greener, more meaningful existence.

    ecoexistence.ca | kym@ecoexistence.ca

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