• Beauty Chat With Iris Zimmer

    Village Living Magazine is one of our go-to resources for community + lifestyle news. Not only does it feature well-written and interesting stories, it is also committed to delivering positive impacts to its community. We’re so excited that publisher and co-owner Iris Zimmer-Fishman is here today to chat with us about beauty, health, and community!

    What impact does your work have on our shared local community and our world?

    My work is all about connecting local residents in our community with local businesses. It is about educating people about building a strong sense of community ties, and offering healthier choices for both inside and out. If we can work together as a community towards common positive goals, then perhaps we can motivate positive changes in our world.

    How do you personally define beauty?

    Beauty to me is defined by the content of someone’s character, strength, and confidence. ‘Beauty’ stems from the inside, the heart and soul.

    What is one of your daily morning or night time rituals?

    I enjoy waking up ahead of my family to slowly ease into my day.

    What is your favourite/must have beauty product?

    My favourite product is a facial serum… Heaven in a bottle!

    The message you want to shout from the rooftop is…

    Learn, Love and Inspire.

    About Iris Zimmer-Fishman:

    I have been a Green Aesthetician for more than 20 years. Today, I’m the Publisher and Co-Owner of Village Living Magazines, a mother, a wife and a friend. I am excited to keep learning more about the Pure+Simple community. The subject is close to my heart and it is in line with my personal philosophy.

    iris@villagelivingmagazine.ca | villagelivingmagazine.ca

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