• Beautiful Skin, Naturally Now In Richmond Hill!

    Pure + Simple is growing! We sat down with one of our Pure + Simple veterans and newest Franchisee about her brand new location opening on Nov 24th!

    How long have you been with Pure + Simple?

    I started working with P+S ten years ago. It was my first job, right after school and I was lucky enough to meet Jean and Kristen, the co-founders at a job fair. They took me on without experience and we never looked back!

    Tell us about your journey and position at P+S.

    As a biology + chemistry major, I was always interested in the human body. But I didn’t find spending the rest of my life working in a lab very appealing. I needed something more practical. I was interested in esthetics and spa because it allowed me to build a relationship with my clients.

    I started as an esthetician in 2007. We had just opened the King St. location and I was lucky to be a part of the opening. My position expanded gradually, and I was soon training new team members and was much more involved in other spa operations.

    What’s it like to be a part of Pure + Simple?

    It’s an exceptional company. I love the values and ideals it’s based on. As an esthetician, providing the best solutions and helping my clients get the results they want is my priority. Pure + Simple helped me do that.

    They provided me with tools in the form of knowledge - from Ayurveda to Chinese Medicine, combined with modern techniques. I then combined it with a holistic approach to skincare, which allowed me to take every aspect into account and come up with best suited solutions. The experience of taking a person’s lifestyle, diet, external environment, etc. into consideration and working on their skincare is very fulfilling. It helped me build long term relationships with my clients, which in some cases also turn into friendships! Clients recognize that, and this is what makes us stand out.

    In addition to the knowledge, the wide variety of treatments, from natural to high-tech facials, gave me flexibility and an environment to grow as an esthetician and skin consultant.

    Why a franchisee? Why this next step?

    I always wanted to open my own spa and my role at P+S taught me that there are endless possibilities. We all need challenges to move forward in life.

    After being in the company for 10 years with a wide range of responsibilities, the personal + professional growth I’ve experienced is remarkable. Every day has been a learning experience and I was finally ready to make it out on my own.

    Why Pure + Simple?

    Pure + Simple has contributed to my growth as much as I have to its. I belong here. I love the company, the products, the idea, concept, and the people. I can’t imagine moving on without Pure + Simple.

    You know when you work somewhere, there is a part of you that constantly thinks about how if given a chance, you would have done it. This has been a job that I love, and its time to take the next step, and add a little bit of me to it.

    Why Richmond Hill?

    I’m a resident of Richmond Hill and love my neighbourhood. If there’s anywhere my very own Pure + Simple spa will be, it’s home.

    Pure + Simple Richmond Hill is located on 9471 Yonge Street, Richmond Hill, ON. Join us for our Grand Opening on Nov. 24th from 12-6PM. Stay tuned + follow their Instagram + Facebook for more details!

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