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    By Jean Eng

    Who else feels like they’re in hibernation mode? In Ayurveda, winter is governed by the Kapha dosha. This dosha is associated with slower circulation, which can cause dry, itchy skin. No wonder the winter time makes us want to crawl back into bed!

    The main factors that contribute to dry, itchy skin are the winter weather, our lifestyle, and our Ayurvedic doshas.

    Cold weather can cause skin dehydration due to circulation constriction.
    Winter causes extra stress to our bodies which can also weaken our blood circulation.
    The slow-moving nature of the Kapha dosha can cause dry skin.
    Vatas tend to be both dry and cold so if you have a strong Vata you will find it a challenge in winter to keep your body warm and your skin moist.
    Pittas can find that their capillaries are challenged by the extreme cold weather.
    Moving back and forth between frigid temperatures outside and dehydrating indoor heating is another contributing factor to dehydrated and itchy skin.
    In order to combat the dryness, make sure that you:

    Drink plenty of liquids (especially water).
    Reduce your consumption of caffeinated or alcoholic beverages.
    Consume lots of nourishing, water-rich foods like fruits and vegetables.
    Avoid drying foods like meat, grains, and dry snacks.
    Get plenty of sleep (the recommended amount for adults is 7 to 9 hours a day).
    Keep stressful activities to a minimum.
    In addition to the above factors, our skin becomes itchy when it is dehydrated and is stripped of its natural oils, so it is important to put that oil back into the skin. With the help of a few of my favorite tips and tricks, you will be on the road to smoother, healthier skin in no time!

    Try putting oil on your skin before you shower. This helps to give your skin a deeper clean and increase skin moisture to protect hydration, especially when it’s combined with the shower’s steam. Follow up with a moisturizer after the shower to prevent any topical dryness.
    Instead of using a gel body wash, opt for a milk cleanser like our Pure + simple Sensitive Cleansing Milk.
    Use a humidifier in your apartment or home to offset dehydration caused by indoor heating.
    If you’re looking for the perfect product to combat dryness, we’ve got you covered! We have some star products to help you defeat the winter itch once and for all:

    Pure + simple Deep Moisture Body Lotion is a wonderfully rich body moisturizer that blends Organic Sheabutter with Coconut Oil and Citrus Essential Oils to create a fresh and buttery salve for all skin types.
    For really itchy and extremely dry skin, use the Minimalist Hand & Body Cream. It uses oil instead of wax, making it lighter while being more nourishing and helping it to soak right into the skin. This is my go-to-tip for keeping my skin glowing all winter long.
    Treat your dry skin to a refreshing body oil at night and, if skin is extremely dry, apply before your favourite body lotion. In our facials, we use the Organic Citrus Body Oil for massaging and hydrating the skin. The incredibly invigorating Citrus Essential Oils mixed with Organic Jojoba Seed Oil and Organic Olive Oil help improve circulation while also enlivening the senses.
    Give your skin a little extra love this winter and you will be sure to reap the benefits! Remember… a little extra moisture can go a long way!

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