• Ayurveda – Kapha

    Kapha : Earth, Water Energy

    Kaphas have so much of a good thing … but sometimes, too much of a good thing can be bad. Let’s try to clarify here. You see, Kaphas have beautiful, oily, well-hydrated skin which results in a healthy, glowing complexion. Unfortunately, they can have a tendency to overproduce oil and internal body fluid, which means skin and organs can become easily clogged.


    It’s like this: When Kapha is imbalanced, the skin will produce excess oil, resulting in enlarged pores and blackheads – especially in the T zone area. As skin ages it can appear deeply lined with an orange peel texture. If Kapha is imbalanced in combination with Pitta, the result can be cystic acne. As a Kapha, you need to make sure you keep your skin well-hydrated to prevent excess oil production. If Vata and Kapha are out of balance, the skin will become dehydrated, and that forms deep lines and a loss of skin tone.

    A strong Kapha imbalance means there is a tendency toward puffiness, cystic acne, slow metabolism and fatigue. Help your skin and body out by performing the following tips!

    • Perform aerobic exercise in the morning. You heard right, “morning”. 
    • Break tired routines…spice it up! 
    • Get sunshine daily. Nothing like a dose of Vitamin D on the skin! 
    • Avoid fatty foods like meat and nuts. Eat light, nourishing foods like legumes and seeds 
    • Avoid sweet foods like sugar, refined carbohydrates, and roots vegetables. Substitute with whole grains, above ground vegetables, and use honey as a sweetener 
    • Eat bitter foods like dark greens along with lots of vegetables. 
    • Protect skin from UV exposure with sun screen or a hat. Try one of the natural, or organic sunscreens we sell
    • Protect skin from elements like wind and cold with a light but protective moisturizer. Our Skin Drink is great for this! 
    • Apply hazelnut oil to balance over production of sebum. For this you can use our Kapha Face Oil or the Pure Skin Face Oil 
    • Apply a non-oily serum on skin if it gets dehydrated from weather, stress, caffeine, alcohol or pharmaceutical drugs. Pure + Simple’s Collagen Elastin can be a life saver! 

    The true test for a Kapha is to keep the body, mind, and spirit moving! Start off with one or two of these suggestions and we’re sure, once you see the results, you’ll be inspired to move with a couple more!

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