• Are You Ready To Showerless?

    In my research to find facts for reducing the frequency of bathing to conserve water, I got more than I expected. Cleansing Reduction, a growing trend of ditching daily showering and reducing what most of us consider “good hygiene” to once or twice a week is on the rise as noted by the Daily Mail. While we have to say that may make a lot of germaphobes skin crawl, there’s something to it.

    I have been testing out alternatives to daily bathing for about 6 months. I am not just okay with it, I am delighted with the healthier, smoother skin as a result!

    Why did I do it?

    1. I wanted to do my part in saving clean water and reducing my bathing frequency was a huge part of that. I had started to hand wash my dishes & stopped watering my gardens too to further save on my water consumption.

    2. I knew that over bathing was exacerbating my dry skin, eczema or other skin problems over the winter.

    3. Vesna, one of Pure + Simple’s most popular Skin Sages, has been researching the facts behind over bathing and lowered Vitamin D generation from Sunlight.

    4. Bathing always seemed such an annoying interruption to my morning hustle. So the opportunity to save this time and aggravation was a great incentive.

    All this led me to this: Using oil instead of water to cleanse your body. So the team at Pure + Simple came up with a routine where you cleanse with oil every second day to give your skin a rest from daily bathing. Not only is this great for the environment as you reduce your clean water consumption but is absolutely amazing for your skin’s health.

    Oils are better at hydrating: They don’t strip the skin of its natural oils, and they protect its moisture barrier — thanks to an absence of the skin-drying detergents found in many other cleansers. Microbes (ie. good bacteria) are educating our own skin cells to produce antibiotics to kill off bad bacteria.

    In October, we will be introducing our new ShowerLESS Body Oil. It’s light and simple to use- apply, massage and then wipe off with a clean dry facecloth or towel. Like all our products it’s made with the highest quality, natural ingredients. The crisp scent is made from natural organic essential oils of Sweet Orange, Lemon, Cedarwood, Frankincense, Neroli, Cinnamon and Vanilla.

    I love the way this new oil makes my skin feel and more importantly I feel good knowing that I’m decreasing my environmental footprint (and I know you will too!)

    Pure + Simple Co-Founder Jean Eng

    In advance of the launch, we’d like to get your feedback. We’re inviting you to come in to your nearest spa location to pick up a sample of ShowerLESS. Give your feedback on-line and receive 25% off your next purchase on Pure + Simple products!

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