• "Anti-Aging" In Autumn

    by Jean Eng

    Imagine this: you are looking into your mirror and your greatest fears have come true. How is it that you look older just over night?

    What you may not know is that this image in the mirror is not a reflection of your age. Fall weather brings dehydration and this, in turn, brings facial lines. At this time of year, facial lines can be a concern for those of us from 20 and up.

    Twenty-somethings who were the envy of their peers in their teenage years for their fine pores and lack of blemishes are now the first to consider anti-aging skincare. Both situations are due to their more dry and dehydrated skin type.

    Luckily, those with thinner and more delicate skin types are also proactive. The same light energy that results in dryness gives them a more agile personality that can be more accepting of changes and push them to act preventatively. In Ayurveda, such a person is considered to be of the Vata dosha.

    But does the push against fine lines have to be a battle as indicated by the “anti-aging” theme of skincare marketing? Or can we become more connected to our inner nature to maintain the youthfulness and attractiveness of our skin?

    Generally, autumn skincare should increase both the oil and water content in your skin. So if you are unpleased with the extra lines on your face now, add a face serum and face oil to your skincare routine. Click here to read our three simple tips for achieving beautiful skin naturally in the fall.

    To see optimum improvement on your skin, skincare advice should be customized to your skin type and age, among other things. Feel free to book a complimentary skin consultation at any Pure + simple location for professional guidance from experienced estheticians.

    This being said, treating fine lines takes more than balancing and hydrating skincare. To truly nourish your skin from the inside out and reduce the appearance of facial lines, make a habit of consuming moist and oilier foods, especially during the fall when the air is extra dry and dehydrating. Squashes and root vegetables are wonderful options for this time of year. For fall dinner inspiration, Vitality Magazine has some easy one-pot recipes here.

    Lastly, our emotional state also affects our skin. Stress dehydrates our skin and exacerbates fine lines. So, in order to truly achieve a healthy complexion, we must pay attention to our emotions, especially for those who are Vata or have a Vata-imbalance. Here are some ways to face the dehydrating energy of fall:

    Create routines.
    Be mindful of your thoughts.
    Don’t chase all thoughts; focus on one thing before starting another.

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