• Eight All-Natural Stress-Relieving Tips

    Have you ever noticed the changes in your skin condition under times of stress? Whether it be a rosacea flare-up, pesky breakouts, or even a new patch of eczema, our skin is one of the first places to exhibit changes when our minds and bodies are stressed out. Because we are all holistic beings, learning to reduce stress will not only improve our state of mind but also our skin health.

    Adrenal taxation leading to dehydration is just one of the negative side effects of being under pressure. The stress hormones that are released during times of distress can also increase our skin’s oil production (triggering breakouts), create inflammation, and even accelerate aging.

    So, what can we do when we notice these side effects? Well, we can take steps to become more mindful of our emotional state and adopt stress-relieving habits in our day to day life. To get you started, here are eight of our go-to tips!

    1. Draw a long bath, add some essential oils, and relax.

    There’s nothing more relaxing than drawing a long bath and giving yourself time to soak and reflect.

    2. We would normally recommend indulging in a facial, when you don't have access to an in-spa facial try our Self (Isolation) Care Kit and spend a bit of extra time on the facial massage!

    Facial treatments are wonderful ways to pamper yourself and your skin to some extra R&R. Mixing your own DIY mask can also be a calming and rewarding experience.

    3. Do yoga/meditate (or both!).

    Not only is practicing yoga (a sister science to Ayurveda) a source of physical activity, it also emphasizes the mind-spirit-body connection. When we feel more connected to our body, we are better equipped to handle our daily stressors. Meditation and practicing yoga daily trains us to be more mindful and aware.

    4. Prepare a delicious meal for you and your loved ones.

    Is there anything more fulfilling than cooking a healthy meal for the ones you love? Nourishing your body with nutrients and skin-rejuvenating foods is a tangible way to allow your mind to focus on something else other than your stress.

    5. Dance/move your body.

    They don’t call it a “runner’s high” for nothing. Moving your body releases endorphins that interact with the receptors in your brain, reducing your pain perception. Even a solo dance party at home can instantly lift your mood.

    6. Go to bed earlier. 

    The early bird gets the worm! In our case, the early bird gets their beauty sleep. Not only does getting enough sleep allow us to recuperate from the day, studies say that our skin cells regenerate the quickest from 10pm – 2am. Making a habit of going to bed earlier doubles as a stress-reducing technique and a skin booster!

    7. Clean your house.

    Our living space is an extension of ourselves. When your place is clean, it is easier to relax; conversely, a cluttered space can aggravate a cluttered mind. Cleaning your house will create a less stressful living environment, effectively helping to keep your mind at ease. Plus, the act of purging in itself is a therapeutic process!

    8. Put down your phone.

    Is it work that is making you stress out? Or is comparing your life to your friends’ social media profiles causing you undue pressure? Put down your phone and focus on something else. Sometimes just going for a walk or reading a magazine can help you think more clearly and eliminate those negative feelings you’ve harboured in your mind.

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