• 4 Easy Ways To Go Green With Your Beauty Routine

    Happy Earth Day! We love celebrating Earth Day every year as its mission to foster environmental respect and promote sustainability is incredibly important to us and is a large part of the Pure + simple philosophy. Plus, our annual Earth Day event is always so much fun! This year’s Earth Day is extra special, as Earth Day Canada is launching the Earth Day Every Day campaign that aims to reduce Canadians’ carbon footprints by 20% by 2020. Sound daunting? Don’t worry! There are actually many ways to be more sustainable in our everyday lives. Here are our tips on how to go green with your beauty routine:

    1. Ditch the cotton pads.

    Many of us are in the habit of using cotton pads when toning as we treat it as a second cleanse for our skin; however, this is unnecessary as our all-natural cleansers are able to provide a deep cleanse without leaving a residue on our skin. The main function of our toner is to deeply treat, hydrate, and balance our complexions. This can simply be done by misting or patting our product of choice into our skin. When we skip the cotton pads, we don’t use as much product and create less waste. Score!

    2. Save our lakes and marine wildlife! Opt for biodegradable exfoliants.

    In 2013, CBC published an article with research that suggests that conventional facial scrubs are polluting our Great Lakes with plastic microbeads (read the article here). These microbeads can be poisonous if ingested by marine wildlife, which can, in turn, create a human health risk as well as disrupt our natural ecosystem. The simple solution? Look for biodegradable substitutes such as oat flour, almonds, and more. In our Sensitive Skin Exfoliant + Face Mask and Skin Nourishing Exfoliant + Face Mask, we use Jojoba beads that are not only biodegradable, but also perfectly spherical so they won’t scratch even the most sensitive skin types!

    3. Streamline your routine with multitasking goodies.

    Have you ever looked at your vanity and realized you have a whole shelf of products that you rarely use? Streamlining your routine can help. We are huge fans of products that serve more than one purpose as they are wonderful time savers and they save precious shelf space! Best of all, they reduce the amount of unused product that will eventually need to be thrown out. One of our favourite beauty multitaskers is our Organic Vanilla Cleansing Powder: it doubles up as a cleanser, exfoliant, and face mask depending on the ingredients you mix it with. (We used it in our Mighty Manuka Mask here!)

    4. Recycle!

    When we can’t reduce and reuse, the next best thing is to recycle! By recycling, we send less waste to landfills while also reducing the need to further deplete our natural resources. Join us this Earth Day for our annual recycling event and contribute to sustainable beauty! For more information about the event, click here.

    By making these small changes in our everyday lives, we can make a big difference!

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