• ShowerLESS Body Oil 200ml

    Pure + Simple


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    A purifying body oil that cleans without leaving your skin high + dry.Get eco-conscious with our new Pure + simple body oil, designed to provide a luxurious and nourishing cleanse for your skin, all while cutting the ecological footprint left by daily showers in half!Lightly astringent without the drying aftereffects of more abrasive cleansers, Grapefruit Seed and Black Cumin Oils lead the charge to clear greasy, congested, or acne-prone skin.Black Cumin Oil works as a highly anti-inflammatory topical treatment for inflamed skin issues like eczema, dermatitis and acne.Grapefruit Seed Oil is jam packed with Vitamin C, encouraging Collagen production and making it another great option to target acne or blemishes. Peach and Cherry Kernel Oils are rich in Vitamins A and E, as well as natural anti-oxidants that help to nourish and moisturize your skin.Aromatic and balancing for the skin with a combination of antiseptic citron, purifying Cedarwood, stimulating cinnamon, nourishing vanilla and regenerating frankincense.Knowledge is Power:Pure + simple Blog: Are you ready to Showerless?


    Pure + Simple

    Our all-natural line was inspired by the principles of Ayurveda + the belief that a beautiful complexion comes from a healthy + holistic approach to skincare.