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    Night Lip Serum


    Soften, hydrate and transform lips at night with proven plant extracts and vitamins.

  • Details

    Fitglow's unique Plant Ceramides formula restores lip moisture barrier while protecting from water loss. Organic pomegranate Plant Sterols, Beet Extract, and Vegan Collagen improve lip cell structure, increase lip volume, and fight signs of aging.


    Cruelty free Silicone, paraben and toxin free Contains plant actives Recyclable

    Key Ingredients:

    Organic Pomegranate Sterols: Pomegranate Sterol penetrate lips and hold double its weight in water to increase hydration, improve moisture barrier function, and enhance lip fullness.

    Vegetable Collagen: Vegetable Micro Collagen is fundamental to maintaining the structure, firmness, and plumpness of lips

    Organic Beet Extract: Rich in phytocompounds, nutrients, and humectants. This excellent moisturizing extract locks moisture deep in the lips while replenishing the lip barrier function. Naturally improves circulation prompting detoxification and plumpness

    Plant Ceramides: Organic Rice Micro Ceramides replenish skin barrier, strengthen skin, and prevent moisture loss. Moisture is locked deeply in the skin providing all day comfort, suppleness and glow

    Volume: 10g


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