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    Age Clear Serum Pads


    Age Clear Serum Pads are preloaded with age defying + blemish fighting plant extracts that make it easy to get clear, smooth + vibrant skin.

  • Details

    The natural enzymes accelerate skin renewal, remove impurities + clean the build- up in pores. ESSENTIAL MINERAL COMPLEX fortifies and firms skin while VITAMIN C plus plant antioxidants fight free radical damage, lighten spots + improve skin clarity. Volume: 50 Pads | 2.5 oz

    Key Ingredients

    Essential Mineral Complex: Fortifies, firms and calms skin reducing redness and the look of premature aging.

    Glycolic Acid (from Organic Sugar Beets): Smallest of the AHA, it removes dead skin buildup, clears blocked pores and lightens pigmentation.

    Vitamin C: Provides potent antioxidant protection, shielding skin from damaging free readicals, boosts collagen production and reduces brown spots and sun damage.

    Colloidal Silver: Reduced inflammation and bacteria to keep skin calm and clear.

    CamuCamu: Promotes healing while balancing moisture levels and protecting collagen.

    Gotu Kola: Protects from free radical damage, reduces skin inflammation and promotes the healing of acne.

    MSM: Natural building block for collagen and connective tissues. Improves skin elasticity, smoothness and clarity. Helps reduce acne and promotes healing.


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