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A wide range of all-natural and organic products from around the world carefully selected to suit that needs of all skin types

Purify skin without stripping it of its natural moisture with our range of high quality cleansers 

Add an extra level of hydration with toners and mists made from natural plant extracts

Deeply nourish skin with healing oils that won’t congest skin or clog pores

Protect skin with lotions and creams that help seal in moisture

Hydrate the lower levels of the skin with serums that penetrate deeply to provide a youthful glow

Rejuvenate dull complexions with gentle physical + enzymatic exfoliants designed to slough off dead skin and unclog pores

Revitalize skin with a variety of masks designed to cool, hydrate and purify skin

Brighten the delicate area around the eyes with lightweight treatments and creams

Keep lips soft and supple with natural oils and lip balms

Shield skin from the suns harmful rays using natural titanium and zinc oxide SPFs

JI Lip Drink Buff

JI Lip Drink Buff

$20.40 $24.00

JI Lip Drink Tease

JI Lip Drink Tease

$20.40 $24.00

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