Celebrate Women in Business with us this month. Change is possible and the past 20 years of business has taught us that.

Pure + Simple is a proudly Canadian, women-lead organization and it is only fitting, on the occasion of International Women’s Day, we celebrate the Canadian Female Icons, who have made immense contributions to the Canadian culture & society which are often forgotten.

Meet the women of Pure + Simple 

We are celebrating the women of Pure + Simple this International Women’s Day. Pure + Simple is extremely proud to be a women-led beauty business that benefits from not just the genius of women, but also their compassion, empathy & generosity for their clients and for our planet. 

March Product Specials

March we focus on Treatments and Serums that will support + maintain healthy skin and aging.
Our Pure and Simple & Minimalist Serums are now on sale until 31stth March 2022.

March Spa Service

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