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Life Coaching

Pure + Simple Life Coaching Services

Energy Leadership Session – 2 hours


We’ve all heard that “we see the world not as it is, but as we are” and we know that our view of the world is colored by whatever color glasses we’re wearing.

What if there was an assessment out there that could tell you the exact color of those metaphorical glasses? Good news, there is!! The Energy Leadership Index assessment accurately tells you how you view the world and how you’re showing up in life. It will help you to understand your thought, emotional and behavioral patterns. It provides so much insight and really helps you to make sense of the results you see (or aren’t seeing) in your life. With this greater self-awareness, you’ll discover areas for self-development and growth, and also learn what is working really well for you and what your strengths are.

You will complete the online assessment on your own (takes approximately 20-30 minutes). Then you will have a 2-hour debrief session with Alisha Morgan, Certified Professional Coach, where your results will be discussed in detail.

Life Coaching  Package – 1hour per session

4-week block for $600 

Maybe your life is going fine. You can’t put your finger on it, but you just feel like something is missing. Deep down, you believe that you’ve got so much potential and purpose within you but the details are foggy and you don’t know how to clarify them.

The good news is that you can take action and turn that vague gut feeling into reality! 

Life coaching may be for you if:
- You crave being excited and passionate about your life
- You want to prioritize your development into the person you want to be
- You’re ready to up your game and you see the benefit of having support on that journey
- You want to increase your confidence
- You want to tackle the inner critic that is blocking you from being who you want to be

Complimentary Session - 30 mins.


This free session provides you with the opportunity to find out more about life coaching to help you determine if coaching can add value to your life and support you in meeting your life goals. It will also allow you and the coach to get to know each other and see if you make a good fit and help both you and the coach determine if life coaching will serve your needs and is appropriate for you. All clients must participate in this complimentary telephone session prior to booking the 4-week Life Coaching Package.


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