Deep Tissue Massage with Registered Massage Therapists

Alternating between a firm, mindful touch and a nurturing, relaxing touch, each treatment is customized to address any distress within tissues, muscles, and ligaments of the body. Simply choose between a relaxing and rehabilitative massage and surrender to the therapeutic hands of our Registered Massage Therapists as you feel the tension and stress melt away.

* Currently offered only at our Pure + simple Yorkville Wellness Centre.

Hot Stone Therapy45 min$89
Hot Stone Therapy
60 min$ 109
Hot Stone Therapy
90 min$ 150
Deep Tissue Massage (Targeted Area)30 min$ 54
Deep Tissue Massage (Full Body)45 minĀ $ 69
Deep Tissue Massage (Full Body)
60 min$ 89
Deep Tissue Massage (Full Body)
90 min$130
Indian Scalp Massage30 min$ 60
Indian Scalp Massage
45 min$ 75
60 min$ 89

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