Makeup + skincare are not mutually exclusive! Fitglow Beauty is high on results, low on maintenance, + all about makeup that is beautiful + beneficial.

Natural skin loving products fueled by highly active vitamins, humectants + plant extracts. Whole food base formulas infused with targeted organic extracts to nourish skin to feed your beauty.

Find your Vita-Active fit! With 7 diverse shades, all containing the same potent skin-loving ingredients, this vegan foundation is sure to amaze.

These concealers do more than just hide dark circles or imperfections! Organic coffee + vitamin C are just some of the awesome ingredients within.

Fitglow’s silky mineral blushes offer vibrant colours that finish to look natural + last all day. Suitable for even the most sensitive skin types!

Corporate Offices: 25 – 2700 Dufferin Street, Toronto, ON, M6B4J3