Styling + Treatment

Get beautiful shine, hold, + volume without all the chemicals of industry competitors! Nourish while you style for hair that is healthy, happy, + however you like it.

IN Hair Shine Spray 100ml DISC
IN Hair Shine Spray 23.7 ml TRAVEL DISC
IN Organic Wave Spray

IN Organic Wave Spray

$47.60 $56.00

IN PurePlenty Scalp and Strand Serum 97ml
IN Volumizing Spray 60ml TRAVEL
IN Curly Hair Serum 111ml
IN Leave In Conditioner 200ml Disc
IN Leave In Conditioner 60ml TRAVEL Disc
IN Perfect Hold Hairspray 200ml
IN Perfect Hold Hairspray 60ml TRAVEL
IN Straight Hair Serum 111ml
IN Styling Pomade 130ml

IN Styling Pomade 130ml

$33.15 $39.00

IN Volumizing Foam 200ml

IN Volumizing Foam 200ml

$36.13 $42.50

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