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Acupuncture is used as a modality to prevent disease by balancing and strengthening the body’s innate energetic system (Qi – pronounced Chee) and immune system which allows the body to adapt to any change or stressor experienced. Qi, a life force, traverses every cell, tissue muscle and organ along meridian pathways and with the use of acupuncture needles any obstruction to this flow is mitigated and the body’s self-healing mechanism is activated. Furthermore, treatments renew energy sources in devitalized regions by allowing the flow of Qi to run smoothly – akin to a river flowing gently along its path. Using pulse and tongue diagnosis along with a physical examination and extensive general health history form, treatments are tailored to one’s concerns and sterile needle insertion is administered into appropriate acupuncture points. Tui-Na Massage, Cupping and Auricular Therapy are additional tools that may be used during the consult.

* Currently offered only at our Pure + simple Yorkville Wellness Centre.

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Acupuncture - Complimentary Assessment30 minComp.
Acupuncture - Initial Consult (General Practice)90 min$ 135
Acupuncture - Follow up 30 min$ 60
Acupuncture - Follow up 
60 min$ 100
      Package of 5 Follow up sessions60 min ea.$ 400
      Package of 10 Follow up sessions60 min ea.$ 700
Acupuncture - Follow up 
90 min$ 135
      Package of 5 Follow up sessions90 min ea.$ 550
      Package of 10 Follow up sessions90 min ea.$ 950

Stress Management Treatment

This treatment is designed to reduce stress, tension, irritability, anxiety, depression, insomnia and headaches. A customized treatment using acupuncture, Tuina massage and Herbal Medicine to discover and to treat the root cause of stress. 

Stress Management Treatment 45 min$80
Package of 5 stress management treatment45 min ea.$300

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