• MIYU Beauty

    Hydrate Mi Serum Mist

    35ml / $26.00

    Adapted from modern Asian beauty rituals, Hydrate Mi Beauty Essence is a powerful, concentrated treatment of age-defying botanicals which hydrate, smooth, and lock in moisture.


Its fresh and light texture enables skin plumping actives to effortlessly penetrate deep into the skin. A fine mist applicator makes it easy for layering and boosts the effectiveness of all other skincare that follows. Suitable for all skin types. For optimal results, pair with Hydrate Mi Beauty Tea.

You’ll love it if: You do not drink enough water, consume too many caffeinated beverages, travel frequently, live in dry climates or just naturally have parched skin.

What it does: Wild pansies boost hydration by 20% in 28 days by enhancing aquaporin activity, the skin’s natural water transport system. Sodium hyaluronate binds up to 1000x its own water weight, drawing in much needed moisture. Goji berries and mangosteen provide potent antioxidant protection to banish age-accelerating free radicals.

Additional benefits:


Fragrance-free (natural scent from botanicals)


Clinically tested

Allergy tested