Creme Brulee Body Wash

    450ml / $15.99

    This plant-based body wash will leave your skin feeling amazing.


Natural ingredients like organic aloe and organic green tea will leave the skin feeling soft and smooth with a subtly delicious crème brûlée scent.

For added indulgence, pair with the BASD Crème Brûlée Body Lotion.

Organic Aloe Juice moisturizes and tones the skin while producing a calming effect on the body, reducing red marks from acne, scarring and stretch marks

Organic Green Tea is rich in antioxidants allowing the skin to feel nourished and helps with sagging skin, fine lines and sun damage; it also helps neutralize free radicals

Essential oils awaken the senses and stimulate the mind

Organic Sweet Almond Oil provides the skin with rich hydration, to leave it glowing and healthy

Organic, Plant-based, Non-GMO, Paraben + Cruelty-free