Sometimes your skin needs some special attention. Luckily, when it comes to blemishes, the Moss Blemish Treatment Mask can help! It can be used as a weekly purifying mask or as a nightly spot treatment when needed, combining Moss Extract with oil-absorbing Kaolin and Bentonite to leave skin looking clear and healthy.

Moss Extract is the key ingredient in this purifying mask and spot treatment. It helps draw out impurities, clean infected pores, and reduce redness.

Kaolin and Bentonite Clay absorb impurities and excess oils and reduce shine.

Traditionally known as a wound healing herb, Calendula is used in this mask to hydrate and heal dry, aggravated skin, working to keep it flake-free and healthy.

Sulfer is a biocide used in this mask to help eliminate comedones.

100% Vegan, Nut Free + Gluten Free.

Customer Reviews

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Skin Type: Combination
Age: 31–40
A great spot treatment

Bought this a couple of months ago. I get a stress acne breakout every now and again. I was breaking out mainly under my chin. They were red and painful bumps. This came highly recommended by P+S technicians. I gave it a try and I could not be happier. It is perfect for a small area spot treatment. I would apply them at night before bed, and in the morning the redness and acne would have gone down. I highly recommend this product if you need an emergency fix to an unexpected acne.


I wasn't sure if this product would work for me, as I don't have pimples persa, but I do pick my face if something does pop up and the winter months brings out my rosacea (that causes little pimple-like things on my chin) - I was suggested this product, and I have to admit, after using the sample they gave me to try, I came back to buy a full size of it. It literally calms my spots down over night, and they often disappear after a single use. It also doesn't just dry the spot out, which is what traditional blemish treatments do. I'm a believer!