Shampoo + Conditioner

Intelligent Nutrients nourishing hair care products that are safe for colour-treated hair! Get natural volume that’s healthy for your hair + your body, with excellent antioxidant content.

IN Harmonic Conditioner 200ml
IN Harmonic Conditioner 50ml
IN Harmonic Conditioner 946ml
IN Harmonic Shampoo 444ml
IN Harmonic Shampoo 50ml
IN Harmonic Shampoo 946ml
IN PureLuxe Conditioner 200ml
IN PureLuxe Conditioner 50ml
IN PureLuxe Conditioner 946ml
IN PureLuxe Shampoo 444ml
IN PureLuxe Shampoo 50ml
IN PureLuxe Shampoo 946ml
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