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About Jean Eng

My Story

Through my teens to late thirties, I struggled with severe skin issues such as incurable acne, puffy redness, persistent blemishes + enlarged pores. I had tried every medicinal ointment, generic treatment + prescription medication recommended by numerous dermatologists, all to no avail. When my daughter Kristen began to show signs of the same skin issues, I became determined to find a better solution for her + myself. The products I found in the market contained harmful, ineffectual ingredients + promoted a conventional, synthetic type of beauty disconnected from my values of balanced, natural beauty from the inside-out.

I knew there had to be a better, more pure + simple way.

Discovering the World of Esthetics + Ayurveda

I decided to take matters into my own hands + enrolled in a professional esthetics course to learn everything I could about skincare. It was here that I connected with a community of skincare experts: my instructor Donna Teodrov who encouraged me to pursue a career in skincare, Daniel Silverman, who taught me about holistic facial massages + Dr. Shanbhag, ND who introduced me to Ayurvedic healing.

Knowledge is Power

With this in-depth knowledge of skincare, natural treatments + Ayurvedic science I was finally able to craft the type of skincare solutions I had long been searching for: solutions that were natural, sustainable + effective.

This journey reaffirmed my belief that all skincare issues are holistic + that a balanced lifestyle, supported by self-awareness + knowledge, is the key to getting beautiful skin naturally.

Jean Eng

President + Founder of Pure + Simple

Corporate Offices: 25 – 2700 Dufferin Street, Toronto, ON, M6B4J3
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