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LED in Skincare - Facts + Treatments

LED, also known as cold light,stands for Light Emitting Diode, which is a homochromy light with high purity + narrow spectrum. Let us break it down to some basic facts.


What is LED?

Often confused with laser, this light therapy was originally developed to fast track healing of wounds + post-surgery scars. Due to the absence of harmful ultraviolet + infrared rays, it is considered safer than sunlight and was soon discovered to help in rejuvenation of healthy skin. The therapeutic light energy is now widely used in beautification treatments to help tackle wrinkles, improving uneven skin tone, reducing pore size + brightening the skin.


The Benefits of LED

The benefits of LED come from exposure to light and there is no machine-to-skin contact when the panels are involved. For effective use, the light has to be used in a correct, clinically approved wavelength. This healing light can reverse the signs of sun damage to skin + improves skin’s appearance, reducing dryness, pores + lines. At Pure + Simple, our LED equipment emits precisely tuned high-intensity Blue or Red light, which has been proven to produce beneficial changes in damaged skin. Pure + Simple is the only spa that provides facials designed specifically to address our clients’ skincare needs.

 Our LED Light Treatment in the Clear Complexion Facial for instance, is specifically designed to help achieve radiant complexion as it purifies skin leaving it clear, hydrated + glowing. A combination of intense natural peels along with the light helps clear skin + revealing its natural beauty.


Red Light Treatment

Red is the most universal LED light. It stimulates collagen + accelerates healing by promoting growth of skin cells. Red LED gives our collagen-producing cells a 'full tank of fuel' to help improve collagen + elastin production. This results in a plumped-up complexion + tightening of skin. Red light also reduces redness due to inflammation or skin irritations after intense treatments.


Blue Light Treatment

Intended to combat breakouts + clear up your skin, the blue light destroys acne-causing bacteria without harming the surrounding tissue. To get the best of both worlds– the rejuvenating effects of the red light + the gentle acne targeting effects of the blue light, and depending on clients’ needs, our facials can combine both treatments.


As the only aesthetic device without contra-indications of any kind, LED is good for all skin types, tones +conditions. It is safe for the eyes and it cannot be overused. You can book it as an add-on to any other service, or as a series of treatments with additional services like Pure + Simple’s Sea Salt Microdermabrasion or IPL Photo Facial.


 Treatments that include LED treatment

  • Clear Complexion $159
  • Rosacea Facial $159
  • (New) Aqua + Bright $139 (reg 175)


Try the LED treatment as an add-on only for $45, or as a part of our Clear Complexion Facial, at a discounted price ($135) for the month of June!


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